42 Beauty Bloggers Reveal The ONE Hair Product They Couldn't Live Without!

42 Beauty Bloggers Reveal The ONE Hair Product They Couldn't Live Without!

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a cupboard full of hair products… most of which you probably haven’t used in years and some you forgot you even had! But that got me thinking: what’s the one hair product that I simply couldn’t live without? What’s my desert island hair product? Well, I’ll let you know my answer at the end of this post! But first, I decided to ask the same question to some of my favourite beauty bloggers. Here are their answers!

Madeleine Spencer

My favourite hair product would be Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. It stops my freshly-washed hair from looking too fine and flat, and adds movement and body for a bit of oomph. I think of it as Brigitte Bardot’s sexy dishevelled locks in a tin.

Kara Ferguson

My hair product arsenal is pretty minimal but I can’t live without my Sally Beauty ion Detangling Shine Mist. Without weighing hair down, I can spray this on my wet hair and it instantly detangles and primes my tresses prior to styling. There’s nothing more painful than tugging on knots with a comb. It’s perfect for those with color treated hair and gives me a glossy finish without looking oily. This product is a miracle worker!

Millie Robinson

Whenever I wash my hair I can’t skip on my favourite leave in treatment. If you suffer with dry hair, like me, you’ll find that by adding in some cream to the ends of damp hair will leave it nourished and hydrated.

My favourite one is the Living Proof Restore Instant Repair cream, which exactly what my hair needs after bleaching the ends a year ago. The ends of my hair are prone to looking frizzy and dry and I desperately wanted to find something to tame that. I like that it’s a cream formula as it feels a lot more moisturising in the hair and like it’s really doing something. I’ve been using this for about six months or so and I can happily say my spit ends and dramatically reduced and my hair dries a lot smoother.

The smell is so lovely; it’s fresh and fruity, yet subtle which I like in a hair product, as I don’t want it to compete with any perfume I may choose to wear. The pump is also really easy to use and I tend to use two pumps into the ends and lengths of my hair, I find that’s the perfect amount. I do have quite long hair, so if yours is chest length or shorter, one pump may do the job nicely.

I never thought I would be one to really invest in my hair products and go for something £20+, but this really is a stand out product and something I will continue to use to make sure my hair is always at it’s best. If you’ve noticed your hair getting a bit dead at the ends, I would highly recommend this and I’m definitely going to see what else they offer from the restore range.

Mateja Kobe

The hair product I adore is Dove Style + Care Frizz Free Cream Serum. It’s creamy serum leave-in conditioner that can be used on both damp and dry hair and it makes my hair impossibly silky (a miracle when it comes to my coarse hair), frizz free, hydrated and shiny. It does the work of a much, much more expensive product and I’m very demanding when it comes to hair products, so this is a true gem in the drugstores.

Victoria Styles

Olive Oil. I soak the bottom half of my dry hair in Olive oil twice a week before I shampoo. I let it sit wrapped up in a towel for at least one hour or 2 hours if time permits. It washes away leaving no oily residue behind and my hair if left looking nourished, shiny and frizz free!

Stephanie Merry

The one hair product I can’t live without is dry shampoo. For obvious reasons I love that this product has quite literally changed my life by allowing me to go a day or two between washing my hair! Some of my favourite brands include Batiste, Wella Professional and Bumble and Bumble.

Georgie Lowen

The one hair product that I just couldn’t live without is the V05 Give Me Texture Spray.

This product allows me to get ready in a flash without spending too long on fixing my hair. You get up, get showered, brush, spray and go. It gives an amazing texture to your hair whilst its damp and by the time it dries, there your hair has an amazing wave to it and the volume is incredible. It is perfect when you are running late!

Neelam Jayna

My favourite hair product is the John Freida Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum. My hair is wild and curly and this is the only product that keeps it under control without me looking like Hagrid.

Kate Kouture

Since I’m a college student, dry shampoo is perfect for those days when I have 8 am classes. Without it, I would look like a hot mess. The one that I keep going back to is by Dove. It’s cheap and reliable.

Claudia Stenhouse

My one item I can’t live without is the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray, just so perfect for adding volume in my limp hair, it’s brilliant and the only product that has worked for me, plus it smells amazing.

Nina Ross

I think for me the one hair product I can’t live without is hairspray, my hair is very fine and as a result it falls out of hairstyles easily so I always need something to lock it into place. At the moment I’m loving the Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Unperfumed Hairspray its not cloying sticky or crispy and it tames the main!

Laura Pearson-Smith

My one holy grail hair product is the Wet Brush. It de-tangles even the most knotted or matted hair, it’s gentle and it has a useful easy-grip handle. Tangle Teezers are great, but nothing beats the Wet Brush.

Amina Ali

My favourite hair product is Jasmine oil because I have dry hair and without it my hair is very straw like. However when I massage this into the scalp and apply to the ends it leaves my hair feeling shiny and hydrated.

Sophie Mills

The one hair product I can’t live without is dry shampoo. My hair gets greasy far too quickly for my liking so with dry shampoo I can just abut stretch my hair to being washed every three days, as long as I tie it up on day two and three. My favourite is the Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo, as it doesn’t leave any residue behind and gives my hair the look of second day hair rather than third day. It’s a little bit pricier than the likes of Batiste, but this extra splurge on dry shampoo means I’m spending less on shampoo and washing my hair less. It’s a win/win!

Jade Wydle

I’d have to say the product I couldn’t live without is: Schwartzkopf Got2B POWDER’ful Volumizing Styling Powder. It’s great for styling short hair- it’s quick and easy to use (perfect for when I wake up late for uni), keeps my hair in place all day and because you need so little, it lasts ages. Plus it doesn’t break the bank to buy!

A'esha Abubakar

My favourite hair product has to be coconut oil. I just love oils but I love coconut oil the most because it is rich in anti-microbial properties, lauric acid, and medium-chain fatty acids that strengthen hair and help them regrow, condition the scalp, and stimulate hair growth. It also helps in removing sebum build-up from hair follicles. Adds luster and softness and prevents hair breakage.

Laura Hadley

I switched up my haircare routine a few months ago and can’t live without RedKen’s Pillow Proof now, it’s amazing! My hair isn’t as frizzy now which is a god send since I have thick curly hair.

Tessa Brown

My must have hair product is Mane ‘n Tail Hair Strengthener – it conditions and strengthens the hair beautifully.

Tereza Kohutova

The most important product in my hair arsenal is a clarifying shampoo. I love curling my hair and even though it doesn’t seem like a hell of a strain on my hair the heat and a heap of products definitely do have an impact on it. Throw in 5 gym sessions a week, a few runs followed by a good dose of dry shampoo and my hair’s a mess! A clarifying shampoo cleanses the hair down to the T and makes it shiny again! I love using Lush’s BIG or Mario Badescu All Purpose Egg Shampoo.


Mine has to be Batiste Dry Shampoo, I have super thick hair – so daily washing just isn’t possible for me, so dry shampoo makes life so much easier when it comes to quick styling without huge amounts of effort 🙂

Kimberley Jessica

The one hair product i couldn’t live without is argan oil. It makes such a difference to my hair. It smells nicer for longer, it looks shinier and it’s less frizzy.

Holly Rebecca White

One hair product I couldn’t live without is my Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo. It’s gives such great texture and a whole load of volume that my flat, fine hair so desperately craves – I love it!

Kara Lee O'Brien

My ride or die hair product would have to be the Bumble And Bumble Prêt-à-Powder. A must for reviving ‘in-between-washes’ hair, a sweet subtle scent and the most dreamy packaging!

Emma Louise

One product has to be the Mark Hill ‘No Knots’ Detangling spray! My hair knots so much after wearing it up that a few sprays help it to be brushed out easily and pain free! Works wonders on my little girl too!

Charli Babb

The one hair product I couldn’t live without is my Tangle Teezer – I have three and I always have one with me wherever I go. It’s the best hairbrush I’ve ever used and detangles so well.

Kimberly Nissen

My one item would have to be my Tangle Teezer. I have long, fine hair and I like to wear it down so tangles used to be a nightmare. This brush saves me many tears!

Nicola Little

My absolute favourite product is the John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler. The fragrance is gorgeous, it’s really light and can be used as a leave in conditioner or wash out and my hair never feels better than after using this. It’s organic and not got any ‘nasties’ in it either which appeals to me. With heavily coloured hair I think you need (I definitely need!) gentle effective products, and this certainly is.


My favorite product that I’m currently using and loving is Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Retention Shampoo.

Finding great products for afro hair sometimes can be a struggle unless you go to specialist stores or buy products online. This is slowly changing with more high street shops like Boots & Superdrug selling products designed for Afro hair.

All of the Shea Moisture range is fantastic but the Retention Shampooo enriched with shea butter moisturizes and coats each and everyone of my natural curls leaving them feeling hydrated and popping.

Taylor Corbett

The one hair product I can’t live without is my Garnier Whole Blends Green Apple and Green Tea 5-in-1 lightweight spray! After washing my hair, it detangles my hair – making it so easy to brush through. Plus, it makes my hair stronger and shinier!


I am going to cheat and say I have two. The first product I couldn’t live without is my aussie leave in conditioner, it’s such a life saver in the summer when you get out of the pool or you’re at the beach all day. It just stops your hair from going all dry and knotty! My second product is less of a product and more of an essential and it’s my comb. A good old fashioned comb is something I really couldn’t live without, it gets all of them knots I seem to wake up with.

Elisabeth Foust

The one hair care product I can’t live without is dry shampoo. I love how much volume dry shampoo gives my hair. I have flat hair so I will take any help that I can. I also love how it refreshes my hair and smells amazing. My favorite dry shampoo ever is Living Proof Dry Shampoo. It seriously is the best!


It would be a hair oil because it instantly transforms my bleached damaged hair into healthy shiny locks! I’m using Paul Yacomine’s Treatment Oil at the moment. It smells lovely and is quite lightweight which is perfect for my hair as some can weigh it down too much.

Sarah Satongar

The one product I just can’t function without is a hair oil. Naturally my hair is quite dry, thick and a frizz bomb so once i’ve washed my hair I slather on some oil mainly concentrating on the ends and mid lengths of my hair. It makes styling my hair much more manageable with a frizz free high-shine finish.(it’s also great for sealing up those annoying split ends) My weapon of choice at the moment is the hair oil by OUAI, its brilliant!

Rati Tehri

The one hair product I cannot live without is my Philips Straightening iron. It is easy to carry around since I travel so much and makes me look a bit more put up with least amount of effort. 🙂

Georgie Piccaver

Tigi Catwalk Shampoo and Conditioner – Nourishing Oatmeal and Honey. It hydrates dry/dehydrated hair beautifully, leaves a glossy shine and the smell is just incredible.


The one hair product I couldn’t live without is Big Sexy Hair Spray And Play Hairspray. Now, the beauty product I cannot live without! Hands down, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. If I could only have one makeup item forever more, I’d take this in both Custard and Honey. THE BEST! And I’m 46 years old so concealer a high performing concealer that works well and also doesn’t settle in fine lines is absolutely critical for me!

Madolyn Blackburn

My favourite hair care product is the Thickening Hair Spray from Bumble & Bumble. It is the best product I have found that provides and holds volume without leaving my hair feeling sticky or heavy. It is so lightweight and smells amazing when applied to my hair, wet or dry.

Laura Nolan

The one hair product I couldn’t like without would be Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment as it not only helps my hair to grow, it leaves it in such amazing condition and feels so much healthier and shiny.


The one hair product I couldn’t live without is the Ouai Finishing Crème! I mean it’s fairly new to me so I have actually been living without it but obviously with questionable hair… I’ve seen the error of my ways and erm my reflection and now use this almost daily. It remedies all hair my woes. It smoothes and softens without leaving any greasy residue behind. It gives effortless, undone, subtle separation to the hair. Like all Quai products, it smells divine. It’s grown up, polished, rich-girl, Serena van der Woodsen hair in a tube!

Joyce Ka Yan Lau

My favourite hair product is a tangle teezer since I have previously coloured hair, my ends tend to get a bit tatty and dry and this works wonders on wet and dry hair. Plus the colours are adorable!

Megan Elizabeth

The one hair product I couldn’t live without would be Wella Oil Reflections. Even though it’s more for coloured hair, it can also be used on hair in perfect condition. It smooths and softens your hair, I don’t know how people live without it. You can apply this hair oil on wet or dry hair. I use this before drying my hair and I also use it a couple of days after washing to reduce any frizziness and dry ends. A little goes a long way with this product too, it lasts ages!

The ‘reflections’ side to it plays its part. Your hair looks amazingly shiny after use. Honestly, it looks like you’ve just taken a trip to the salon. If you need a hair oil, this is for you. Even though this product is in salons only, you can still purchase it from places like; Amazon, Sallys and Beauty Bay.

My Favourite Hair Product

As for me, the one hair product I couldn’t live without is my TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess shampoo. I usually order the tween size of the shampoo and conditioner at the same time, and together they keep my hair oil free, shiny, and feeling great!

Thanks to all the bloggers who took part. Be sure to check out their websites and follow them on social media for loads of great hair and beauty advice 🙂

Over To You!

And now it’s your turn! What’s the one hair product that you simply couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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